Rudder Property Group is offering the unique opportunity to make a direct investment in the Manhattan office market, the largest and best performing office market in the United States. Unlike others across the United States, Manhattan’s office market offers broad tenant diversification, high occupancy stemming from a constant supply-demand imbalance, and significant rent growth.

Income-producing office condominiums in Manhattan give an investor the opportunity to earn attractive returns both through annual cash flow and value appreciation. Over time, investors that have owned income-producing condominiums have earned outsized returns, primarily driven by Manhattan’s constant appreciation in real estate values.

Residential properties are still some of the most sought-after investments in Manhattan. It is worth considering office condominiums as well, as they have the same direct exposure to Manhattan real estate with the additional advantages highlighted below:

Maintenance Free

Buildings that contain office condominiums are managed by professional property management firms. The investor merely pays monthly common charges. The tenant, not the investor, maintains the interior of the condominium.

Limited Tenant Management

Office condominium units are typically occupied by one tenant. The investor’s management of the tenant consists mostly of receiving and depositing its rent payment.

Stable Cash Flow

Typical office lease terms are five to ten years. This provides predictable monthly cash flow for an extended period of time.

Inflation Protected

Rents escalate annually. The rate of return increases in excess of inflation.

Bite-Sized Investments

Office condominiums offer investors the opportunity to buy smaller properties in Manhattan, where many individual investors cannot participate due to deal size. Office condominium investments begin at under $1 million.

Highly Financeable

Many lending institutions offer competitive financing terms and high loan-to-value ratios on leased office condominiums. Interest rates are at very low levels.

Investor Unit Availabilities

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